Chiropractic Child Report of Findings Folder
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Pediatric Report of Findings Folder

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This child focused chiropractic report of findings folder is a key piece of communication for the parents in your practice. Help set the stage for success during the initial stages of pediatric care with our professional and highly effective 6 panel folders!

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US$ 67.50

Key benefits of using our pediatric report of findings folders:
- patient friendly language used throughout
- clean and professional 6 panel design on high quality material that will entice parents to read
- helps educate on the benefits of ongoing chiropractic care from infancy right through to adolescence and adulthood
- Your Child's Way to Wellness section helps parents realize how different stressors can affect expression of symptoms 
- key foundational chiropractic concepts covered such as subluxation and the nervous system
- no unnecessary specific sections to worry about - fits any style of practice! 
- center pocket for holding your ROF handouts with your specific patient recommendations 

**Use in conjunction with our report of findings handouts to personalize care plans and create a customized package for your new practice members. 

**See the "using our folders" section and Dr. Chad's blog post to learn how to get the most out of your ROF Folders!