How to Use Wellness Media ROF Folders and Handouts Most Effectively
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How to Use Wellness Media ROF Folders and Handouts Most Effectively

 How to Use Wellness Media ROF Folders and Handouts Most Effectively

How to Use Wellness Media ROF Folders and Handouts Most Effectively

Your report of findings is one of the most critical times, if not the most critical time, to educate your patient on how to get the absolute most out of their chiropractic care. Our folders help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the new patient procedures in your practice with an intelligent and attractive new design!

Key Benefits of Using Our Report of Findings Folders:

- patient friendly language is used throughout, making chiropractic easily digestible to new practice members and their families.
- the clean and professional six panel design on high quality material will match your level of professionalism and entice your patients to engage and read more.
- they help educate on the benefits of ongoing chiropractic care following the initial restorative stage of care, which is an important concept to introduce from the outset of care.
- The Wellness Journey section helps distinguish between Feeling and Healing.
- Key foundational chiropractic concepts are covered such as subluxation and the nervous system, which are essential for any patient to understand.
- the patient responsibilities section helps your patient understand they must be an active participant in their own health in order to get the most out of their care.
- no unnecessary specific sections to worry about - fits any style of practice! 
- center pocket for holding your ROF handouts with your specific care recommendations. 
- Business card slot of the center panel to aid in referrals and local community presence.

 Chiropractic Report of Findings Folders and Handouts

How to use our ROF Folders to Your Full Advantage:

  1. Stay Flexible: Your Folder is ideally meant to serve as an introduction to chiropractic, not a place for specific exam findings, special tests or recommendations. Keeping it this way will allow you to use your ROF Folders for other purposes besides your report of findings, such as during internal or external presentations, outreaches or promotional events.  By keeping the folder content foundational in nature, it also becomes instantly more applicable to every person in your chiropractic practice – pediatric, athlete, elderly, personal injury, etc.
  2. Get Specific: We’ve designed specific ROF handouts for your care recommendations and any additional recommendations you may have. This allows you to ensure that every patient is receiving the foundational information key to understanding chiropractic with the folders, but also allows you to tailor specific advice and care recommendations to their needs with the report of findings handouts.
  3. Share: Since the folders are designed to be read and understood by any potential new patient, they are the perfect chiropractic conversation starter and can be deployed in a variety of ways to spread the word about chiropractic and your practice. Use them as a referral tool by inserting a personal letter and sending to your potential new patient. They also work great when communicating with your local business community. Insert important practice information into the folder along with your business card to make an impact and spark new conversations! 

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2016-07-05 14:10:59

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Dr. Chad Mykietiuk

2019-01-09 10:40:17

Hello Dr. Huffer,Thanks for getting in touch. No problem to get you a sample; I sent you a separate email with further details, please have a look.

Rex Huffer DC

2019-01-09 09:56:04

Dear Sirs: Do you ever send a sample of product? I would like to be able to see the whole folder before ordering. I am very interested. If you can, please send sample to:Liberty Chiropractic, LLC 128 North D etroit, POB 752 West LIberty, OH 43357 Thank you.

Dr. Chad Mykietiuk

2017-01-19 13:43:13

Hi Chris,This really depends on how the conversation goes during Day 1. I always include one of our ROF handouts with my written recommendations during the ROF on Day 2, along with their CLA insight scan results / Core Score and financial options document. Depending on what else we chatted about during Day 1, I might include some other relevant handouts; otherwise just hand them out as needed over future visits.


2017-01-18 11:28:17

Do you recommend adding a few handouts to the folder before giving it to the patient, or giving them the folder first and then give them handouts over future visits?

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