Chiropractic and the 4th Trimester Poster

Chiropractic and the 4th Trimester Poster

This 12" x 18" or 18" x 24" chiropractic poster touches on some of the key benefits women can expect to receive when under regular chiropractic care during the immediate postpartum period. 

Also available in 24” x 36” (custom size option printed on demand, please allow an additional 2 business day processing time for your order).



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Poster Text:

 Chiropractic and the 4th Trimester

Women under the care of a chiropractor during the 4th trimester may expect:
- Less neck, back and pelvic pain
- Quicker recovery time from labor and delivery
- Restoring proper spinal and pelvic biomechanics
- Postural and ergonomic advice
- Reduced need for pain medication
- More comfort while breastfeeding
- Greater production of breast milk
- Less incidence of postpartum depression
- Referrals to other healthcare providers to assist in postpartum recovery