Your Wellness Journey Poster

Your Wellness Journey Poster

This 18" x 24" chiropractic poster discusses the concept of "Feeling vs. Healing" by outlining three stages of chiropractic care in terms of how the patient might feel versus what we see as practitioners. 


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Poster Text:

Your Wellness Journey

Every life decision you make directs you towards or away from wellness. Let us guide you along your journey from restorative care to wellness care. 

 1. Restorative Care
You Feel: Pain and discomfort, Reduced Mobility, Limited Function, A lack of control
We See: Nervous system interference, a body failing to adapt, Inconsistent health choices, Imbalance and asymmetry

2. Transition Time
You Feel: Pain free, Improved mobility, Greater overall function, Renewed confidence in your health
We See: Reduction of nervous system interference, A time of transition towards true wellness care, Changing healthcare beliefs, Healthy patterns re-emerging 

3. Wellness Care
You Feel: At your very best, Exceptional daily function, Total control over your health, Empowered and strong
We See: A nervous system free of interference, An expression of full potential, Development of a new healthcare philosophy, Someone who is actively engaged in their own health and well-being. 

Feeling vs. Healing
It's important to realize the difference between symptomatic relief and functional improvement. Many patients notice they are feeling better quite quickly after beginning chiropractic care, however to achieve long term improvements that last, a longer restorative process is needed. Change takes time, however if you adhere to your care plan your body can adapt, re-organize and develop new, healthy patterns which will serve you well in the long run.