Facebook Posting Service for Chiropractors

Our Facebook Posting Service is only available with the 
Wellness Plus Membership. 
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Why Choose Our Facebook Posting Service?

Custom Designs
All of the infographics we post are taken from our very own database, ensuring all posts are held to the same high standards you've come to trust from Wellness Media.
See some examples of our high quality infographics.

Consistent, Timely Posting
Our team ensures your facebook page will receive regular postings at convenient local times each day. We organize our posts by time zone, making sure your posts have the best chance of being viewed by your local community. Two of the major keys to developing a meaningful social media campaign are consistency with posting and interaction with followers. By choosing our service, you can be certain that your followers will see regular posts with thought provoking text and graphics, stimulating more interaction and strengthening your online reputation.

Relevant Topics
We take special care to plan thoughtful posts based on the season, holidays, current events and trends in wellness.  Your posts will make a greater impact if your followers can relate to the topics. By choosing our posting service, you will benefit from a strategic approach to sharing information, rather than randomly sharing content and graphics from the pages of others. 

By Chiropractors, For Chiropractors
Wellness Media was made by chiropractors to support our amazing profession. Each post is chosen and posted by our chiropractors, meaning you will not need to worry about incorrect terminology or concepts being posted on your behalf. Best of all, if you need support our docs are simply an email away!  

Save Time
As chiropractors and business owners we understand how valuable your time is. Your time is best spent in your adjusting room with your patients, not on Facebook. There is no doubt that having a social media presence is important, however that doesn't mean you need to be doing it!  Let us help you lighten the load so you can get back to saving lives.   

How it Works

1. Purchase your Wellness Plus Membership
2. Follow the set up instructions for the Facebook Posting Service in the members only area
3. Within 48 hours you will begin seeing our posts on your facebook page!  


What happens if I don't like one of the graphics you post?
Not a problem - simply delete any posts you do not wish to remain on your facebook page.

Am I still able to post on my own page?
Absolutely!  You are still in complete control of your page. Our role is to add value to your page by posting high quality infographics, however you are still able to post any other relevant information on your practice, as well as engage your followers. 

Can I control which types of posts are made by Wellness Media?
No, our chiropractors decide which posts are made each day. Of course you are always free to delete any posts you do not wish to remain on your page. Also, please keep in mind that as a Wellness Media member, you have access to our extensive infographic database and can always manually add in posts on topics you feel are important.  

By giving you admin permissions to my page, what else are you able to control?
In order for us to post for you, we must be authorized as a "content creator" in your admin settings. To get a better understanding, you can read about the different admin roles on facebook. As content creators we will have privileges to edit several aspects of your page, however our only service is posting our images and text to your page; we will not edit or participate in your page in any other capacity.

Will the posts still look like they are coming from me?
Yes, your followers will not be able to tell that we are making posts on your behalf.

What time of day will my posts happen?
Our chiropractors organize posting times based on studies showing the most popular hours of the day for viewing facebook updates. These times can vary greatly by region, time of year and various other factors. Our team also accounts for your specific time zone, making sure your posts are seen at appropriate times based on your location.

Our Facebook Posting Service is only available with the
 Wellness Plus Membership. 
Click here for membership details.