The Massive Advantages of Using Planning Calendars in Your Chiropractic Practice.
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The Massive Advantages of Using Planning Calendars in Your Chiropractic Practice.

The Massive Advantages of Using Planning Calendars in Your Chiropractic Practice.

The Massive Advantages of Using Planning Calendars in Your Chiropractic Practice.

Every year in early January it happens – your head is spinning trying to execute all of the tasks that will lead to the achievement of your big, audacious practice goals for the year. As a business owner, one thing is clear. You have zero time for lack of organization and preparation. Goal achievement does not need to be complex, but it needs to be diligently organized if you are going to have any chance of achievement at a high level. Here are my thoughts on why you need to use planning calendars in your practice: 

  1. Fail to Plan? You are planning to fail.  If you want to run an efficient, profitable and successful practice you need to plan in careful detail how you are going to achieve your goals. This extends to every part of the business – patient report writing, billing practices, marketing and advertising, keeping track of statistics, etc.  Every successful practice is built upon reliable systems and the more smoothly these systems run the more time is freed up to pursue other value creating tasks for the business, which will ultimately increase the bottom line. Planning calendars put tasks on autopilot, so you can run the systems quickly and efficiently, knowing which tasks are necessary each day to keep it all running smoothly. 

  2. Writing it down typically works better.  I’m not opposed to using apps or digital planning solutions (especially in my personal life), however when it comes to a busy practice I’ve found it considerably more effective to have everyone contribute and utilize a shared written planning resource. There’s also something very satisfying and momentum building about physically crossing your items off the list each day.

  3. Using a shared calendar gets everyone on board and saves time.  If you have a busy practice with multiple practitioners and support staff, you can waste hundreds of valuable hours each year on unnecessary communication about the action items that need to be done. Using a shared calendar as a central command station will allow you to get everyone on board and once all staff members begin getting used to using the calendar it will improve efficiency tremendously around the office.

  4. Keep the doctor focused on bigger things.  You are the CEO of your practice. As the boss, you need to steer the ship, not get lost in the small day to day operations. By having a central resource to plan and execute, you can quickly and easily ensure the systems are being executed as desired, so you can go back to performing your best at only those tasks you can do!

  5. Place the WHY close to the HOW.  This one is just a suggestion from my own personal experience. I love looking at pictures of my beautiful children each day as I conquer by business life. It provides instant motivation and perspective about why I’m working so hard to serve my community each day.

    Wellness Media Wall Planning CalendarDr. Chad's Kids

We’ve designed a simple, clean and effective planning calendar that will allow you to track your key practice goals and results at a glace, alongside all the important and necessary tasks needed to run your practice smoothly. The laminated surface makes it easy to make changes and alterations as needed using dry erase markers. Check out the newest version here:

Yours in Wellness,

Dr. Chad

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2019-01-07 10:20:55

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