The False Safety Zone
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The False Safety Zone

The False Safety Zone

The False Safety Zone

Every decision you make directs you towards or away from wellness.

The above statement is one of the key foundational concepts in chiropractic, because the comprehension of its meaning will dictate patient behavior and ultimately patient results in the long term.  Do your patients view their health as a continuum that is influenced by every decision they make? Or do they believe they are automatically considered to be well unless they are currently suffering from a symptomatic event?

Many of your patients may not realize that they are stuck in the “false safety zone” – a place where they may feel little or no symptoms but yet are not expressing their full potential for health. They are constantly on the edge of having a symptomatic flare up and may view health as something that only needs addressing when undesired symptoms appear.

It’s critical therefore, to educate on the concept of health being a sliding scale instead of a switch that gets turned off and on.  Deep down most practice members inherently understand this concept, but sometimes we need it brought to the forefront in order to consciously address the issue and make a change. 

We’ve created our line of False Safety Zone materials with a goal of bringing this concept front and center in your practice. The materials are created in a way that sparks conversations about lifestyle habits, both in and out of the practice, that contribute to overall wellness (or lack thereof).  Use these materials to help your practice members understand there is a place beyond average when it comes to health, where being proactive and purposeful about health choices results in feeling vibrant, energetic and content.

The False Safety Zone Poster

Here is the full line-up of False Safety Zone Materials:

The False Safety Zone 24” x 36” Poster:

The False Safety Zone Handout:

The False Safety Zone ROF Handout:

The False Safety Zone Reactivation Postcard:


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Dr. Chad

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2018-08-29 09:21:50

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