Common Does Not Equal Normal
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Common Does Not Equal Normal

Common Does Not Equal Normal

Common Does Not Equal Normal

One of the most regular conversations I find myself having with in practice these days is the difference between what should be considered normal for our bodies to experience versus what is not normal. As chronic lifestyle related conditions continue to rise, a trend is emerging to normalize lifestyle problems since they are becoming so widespread, when the real problem is our species living outside of our physiologic requirements more regularly.

The tough part is that in most of today’s modern societies, we have built in the recipe for chronic lifestyle related issues by default. It’s becoming essential that your patients take control over their own health and create a more ideal environment for their body to thrive. Your chiropractic care and your lifestyle advice will help get them to realize the trappings of normalizing common conditions and help break the cycle of hopelessness.  

For the patients in my practice, I need to make myself very clear:

-          It is not “normal” to get regular headaches.

-          It is not “normal” for children to have chronic ear infections, colic, delayed motor development or ADHD.

-          It is not “normal” to battle heartburn, acid reflux, bloating and gas pain our entire lives.   

-          It is not “normal” to have major problems with osteoarthritis throughout our bodies just because we are growing older. 

-          The list goes on and on…

It’s scary that these chronic conditions caused largely by lifestyle and environment are becoming so common that the average person is able to declare them as normal occurrences, simply due to the volume of friends, family and colleagues also afflicted. Even more scary, is that this concept is becoming more ingrained with certain patients to the point where they may not even bring up some of these preventable or solvable issues, since in their own mind they are “normal” and nothing can be done about them.  I’m sure you’ve had the experience like I have of a patient getting adjusted and starting to get relief from an issue they previously thought was an inevitable life sentence. 

We created this 18” x 24” poster to help bring this issue to the forefront with your patients. It’s time we stop normalizing these issues and seek to restore our bodies to their natural, healthy state. In order to reverse and eliminate their chronic issues patients need to take consistent, regular action in a new direction, which will never happen if they believe the issues are just a normal part of being human.

Yours in Wellness, 

Dr. Chad


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2017-06-12 06:34:43

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