3 Key Autonomic Nervous System Discussion Points
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3 Key Autonomic Nervous System Discussion Points

3 Key Autonomic Nervous System Discussion Points

3 Key Autonomic Nervous System Discussion Points

The autonomic nervous system provides nerve supply to our smooth muscles and glands, controlling the function of our internal organs. This control system functions unconsciously and reflexively, constantly working to regulate critical body processes behind the scenes.

With each view of your Autonomic Nervous System poster, there exists important patient education opportunities that should not be missed.

Here are 3 key discussion points every chiropractic office should be using alongside their ANS posters / charts:

1. Connection From Brain to Body
The ANS poster is a perfect visual of the connection from brain to the spinal cord and eventually to the end organs. Without even bringing up the topic patients will instinctively begin mapping which spinal levels potentially connect to the organs they are having issues with, sparking an important conversation on the pathway nerves take from their origins in the brain to the spinal cord and finally to the peripheral tissues. 

2. Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic
Another key speaking point involves explaining the difference between our sympathetic nervous system (“Fight or Flight” response) and parasympathetic nervous system (“Rest and Digest” response). These systems both play key roles in the human body, keeping the body in a state of homeostasis as it responds to environmental stressors.  It’s important for patients to understand the detrimental effects of living in a chronically sympathetic dominant state and why proper balance in their nervous system is important for long term health. If you have any diagnostic tools to help measure the current state of the patient’s nervous system, it further helps to visually demonstrate the importance of this balance. 

3. Nerves Control More Than Just Pain
Inherently most patients know this fact; however it’s not immediately top of mind. Speaking about organs functioning behind the scenes as demonstrated by the ANS brings this concept to the forefront once again, opening the door for conversations on feeling vs. function.  Once your patient develops the mindset that feeling does not necessarily equal function in the body, they are likely to get the big idea and be more receptive to regular chiropractic care in the absence of symptoms. 

Check out our modern version of the Autonomic Nervous System Poster and Autonomic Nervous System Large Format Poster, sure to draw the attention of your practice members and stimulate these important conversations. 

Autonomic Nervous System Poster - 24" x 36"               Autonomic Nervous System Poster - 36" x 72"


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2018-01-10 21:02:05

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Chad Mykietiuk, DC

2018-01-23 21:07:35

Hey Doc,These ANS charts are both posters, one 24 x 36 and the other a large format 36 x 72. The large format version also comes in a vinyl option, which adheres directly to your walls with no framing needed. Take a look at the product links in the post above, that will provide full details for each product. Thanks!

Tom Lally DC

2018-01-23 20:52:13

just wondering if this is a free standing banner or what I cant quite tell.

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