Logo Design Services

We've had the pleasure of working with many new grads over the past few years and listened to the challenges of starting a new practice; something we understand from firsthand experience. Expenses typically are at the top of that challenge list. Not everyone starting out has the option of hiring a designer to work closely with to develop a new brand, since this can be a very time consuming and costly process. At Wellness Media, we understand the importance of having a professional brand identity when starting in practice; we also understand the value of your time.

With this in mind we have designed our new Logo Design Service to thrive in this environment. This service is designed to be an efficient and affordable alternative to hiring a local designer without sacrificing quality, creating a professional and personalized identity for your brand. This service is ideal for any DC wanting to create a new logo or refresh their existing brand identity. 

Through a streamlined approach using our design brief, we can get an overview of what it is you are looking for in a logo. Then with this information, ask any needed follow-up questions and work with you to establish a modern, fresh design for your brand.

You will be presented 2 logo design options in our proofing stage that are based on your original request. Then after a feedback stage, we will finalize your final logo and supply you with all the support files you will need. Once you have the proper professional files, you will never be stuck with a blurry logo in an ad, a distorted logo on your letterhead or any other obstacles you have run into in the past.

Bottom line is, we know chiropractic and we take great strides to keep our designs modern and congruent. We can create you a brand identity you will be proud of and that reflects your vision for your practice.

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